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Our team has a proven track record of successfully coaching and mentoring individuals at various levels, from Lieutenants and Sergeants to Detectives and Civilian personnel, in promoting and developing their careers.

Our unique system has been tried and tested with outstanding results. Our team has scored #1 and #2 in a competitive Lieutenant Assessment and achieved excellent In-Basket and Tactical scores, ranging from 100% to 92%.

We are passionate about teaching and sharing our expertise to help others succeed in their careers. Our ultimate goal is to help you achieve success, so you can inspire and guide future generations to do the same.

Meet Your Instructors



Michelle brings 20 years of extensive experience in Law Enforcement and has been involved in First Responder roles since the beginning of her career. Her diverse background includes serving in patrol, investigations, special units, and teaching and instructor positions.

She has a strong passion for educating and mentoring others. She finds fulfillment in her current role as a Lieutenant, where she can continue to inspire and build up the next generation of leaders.



Aaron brings over 15 years of extensive Law Enforcement experience to our team. Beginning his career in the jail, he quickly progressed to become an officer in a more extensive metropolitan department. Throughout his tenure, Aaron has gained hands-on expertise in investigations, undercover operations, and teaching, making him an invaluable asset to our organization.

As a Lieutenant, Aaron is committed to nurturing the professional growth and development of his colleagues and team members.

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