Some of The People We've Helped

"AM Career Development understands that leadership can both be learned and a natural ability. They proved to me their unparalleled ability to TAP into my leadership qualities, expose my experience, and build on what was already there to tailor an assessment center prep course that prepared me to shine above 99% of the other candidates at my PD. Distance and time was not a barrier. They worked around my schedule with late night phone calls, emails, video chats, and recordings. Lieutenant Folmar was a consummate professional who was deeply committed in excellence to my development.

AM Career Development was not only a worthwhile investment for the police assessment center, but the skills I learned has helped in my new role as Lieutenant and in everyday life. For the police candidate who wants to be uniquely prepared for the assessment center, AM Career Development training is a must!" #promoted!"

- Lieutenant McLean

"The help and guidance I received was instrumental to being promoted to detective. It was what made the difference. You can tell they care."

- Aleksandr

"I've taken the test several times. This system and personal instruction helped me be 'undeniable'."

- Jeff

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